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11-11 and 11 pm EST

Well, it's about four months later, since original tale. I just got off my chair to look out the window at the back wall by the outside light. There is NO lounging lizard.

Today and a few days ago, a few times I saw the tiniest cute baby lizard, only a few inches including tail, scampering back and forth across my porch. He ran more when he knew I was near. This baby does not want to be caught.  Who is this little guy? How old is he? Is he a baby of one of the older lounging lizards that lived with me in the summer? Had I separated them? I never saw this baby. What's he doing in my back porch?

While baby was here, running across and disappearing under obstacles, I could see in the far distance at the other end of my garden on the cement, a creature scampering across the area. Was it one of my lizards, or another lizard, or ??? He ran fast. I never saw my lizards run. But that's because they liked me.

So the Tale of the Two Lizards continues. How did I know it was not yet over? I'll keep my door shut.


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