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Lizard Inside Screen Door

Freaked out.
Lizard was up on my screen door, on the INSIDE. Yikes.
But not for long!!

I closed the heavy glass door leaving enough room for my arm to reach through. I tapped the lizard through the outside of the screen and had the long-tailed lizard fall to base of sliding doors.  He just looked at me, between the two doors. Quickly figuring out this situation, I then opened screen door wide, and shut glass door so Lizard would see the light and leave. It happened.  wheww.

I've kinda lost track of who's who. Short-tailed lizard is still around, and others...
Gotta keep those doors shut.

Don't like the cute lizards when they are in my house, and sleeping in my slippers!
- Joy Krauthammer

Lizard Looks
through the glass door
I look back.
© Joy Krauthammer 

Long-tailed Lizard / lagartijo on door track
© Joy Krauthammer 

~ ~ ~

Tail of the Lizard

Tail of the Lizard

- Joy Krauthammer

Tail of the 'Little Guy' as I call him, is missing this morning. My back yard porch little lizard visits with me every single day, and doesn't run away from me as I enter our shared space.

Yesterday I thought I would photograph him, and I didn't.  Too late now. Day before he was so cute. My 90 years young friend Edith was on the phone with me when I saw Little Guy outside, and I put the phone on speaker so Edith could also greet him and be heard.  Amazingly Little Guy perked up his head, tilting it sideways and up, as he listened to Edith say "HI".  I'd never seen his head tilt when I speak to him, as I do every day.  He's bigger than he was last year when maybe he was a year old.

I'm upset and sad that Little Guy's tail is missing. He's sitting very quietly on my porch floor, next to the white plastic chair that holds my wet bathing suit. I hope he's not in pain, and I told him so.  We have animals through the garden. Cats, squirrels, hawk, and luckily lately I don't see the others: gopher, hawk, coyote. WHO stole Little Guy's tail?

Yesterday I told Edith that I could catch Little Guy and bring him to her garden few blocks away, and leave him there because she has NO lizards. True she has cat and dog and hummingbirds, so maybe lizards are smart and don't visit Edith, but Edith knows they are helpful in curTailing insects.

I don't want now to photograph because of lizard's loss. I don't photograph sadness.  But maybe I can transcend and transform and see the missing tail-- stolen, as a disability, and just see lizard in a different light, as being 'whole', as an amputee would want to be seen.

I hope Little Guy is not in shock, and can function well. I'm sad.
June 14, 2013

A couple months ago, 3 of his species died from other side of yard.

Little Guy Lizard 3.29.13 couple months ago
© Joy Krauthammer

~ ~ ~

Garage Lizard

Little Lizard
© Joy Krauthammer

On a sunny day, this little guy hangs out on the wall outside my garage. He waits long enough for me to go into house, grab my camera, and then try to shoot him. Then he scampers away. This time I got a non-moving shot. Little Lizard's body is two inches long and then the tail, same length. I think he is thhe same one I saw some months ago but was smaller then. This guy I think lives in my garage. I understand that when weather is warmer, he'll reappear more frequently.  He better not come by my front door or it is relocation time!

Baby Lizard

The baby lizard (body one inch long, tail one inch long) I've seen for first time in front by door is so small and fast I have not yet photographed it (especially because my newest Nikon is malfunctioning without a working "battery exhausted" indicator light, just like last Nikon). It's been hot outside around 100*, so I spray the hose water near the lizard in case it needs water. I do the same in back. In back porch I've also added a plate of water, having no idea if lizard drinks the water.

I hope that the lizard I relocated a month ago is not a parent...

Baby fast lizard sighting, also 1 inch in body by front door. 90* plus weather.
Caught a photo with my Panasonic Lumix with Leica lens.

Baby Lizard
© Joy Krauthammer 


Front Door and Back Door

© Joy Krauthammer 

Front Door and Back Door

- Joy Krauthammer
July 2012

Baby lizard I was surprised to see was by my back porch today, closer to my yellow rose at house wall.

Medium size lizard with a short-tailed pal, regularly hangs around back porch. Sits quietly frequently under redwood picnic table waiting to see what my move will be. Today he got scared, ran, and knocked into the old freezer bins by garden cabinet that I use to try, hah, to catch the gopher (that is a mess of a story) but not let the visiting wild bunny rabbit get caught. Lizard sits by the hose, but today I changed hoses from blue to orange, so we'll see what he does. He sits on my planter counter at my kitchen window and scoots along the wall, and the porch floor. I try hard to close my porch door quickly so that he doesn't enter. I don't want him inside.

I miss the little cute guys that would sit on my ping pong table and sun bathe under my porch lightbulb. They have been gone awhile.

I relocated the front door lizard. Literally, he sat at the front door. I was afraid that he would come in. I was concerned that when my sister visited with her own key, she wouldn't realize the situation and  I would have a boarder. NOT what I wanted.  The day before I left recently on a trip,  I took a bag to the front door and he popped right in.  I walked the lovely long lizard down the slope to end of my property and asked the neighbors across the street if they wanted a lizard.  They responded that they had their own. I left long lizard at the edge of the far end of my property. Hope he is not like a cat or dog and finds his way back.

Long lizard had had a very very long tail up until minutes earlier. The tail was visible when he climbed on the front wood wall by front door. You can see the illustrative photos. He had a mishap with the bouganvillea colored ramp by front door but he seemed mostly fine. Tails have a life of their own.

Enjoy photos.

Lizard on golf mat
© Joy Krauthammer 

Lizard crawling on wood wall close-up
really is a vertical photo
© Joy Krauthammer 

Crawling on front wall by my pottery.
Notice long tail
© Joy Krauthammer 

Visiting Higher Up

August 2011

Little lizard was between my plants on the outdoor counter opposite kitchen.
© Joy Krauthammer

Blew It

July, 2011
OK, I blew it; left open the back yard screen door, maybe an inch for a minute. I was lazy, not careful. Opportunity was taken and the reptilian creature entered my domain, right by the large open book case filled with everything else but books  (music, photos, teachings...) His tail looked like he's escaped from elsewhere. Where is he now?  I am not happy. I don't want to find him curled in my fuzzy slipper, nor anywhere else.

(I think I enjoy much more, the recent guests this month at my home: bunnies and nesting doves.)

BlesSings, Joy

SURPRISE, Prisoner Again

Legend of Lounging Lizards, continued


I was so happy that I was no longer a prisoner of my own house.
Pudgy baby lizard by my bedroom window
(c) Joy Krauthammer
I felt free to leave open my back door as I went outside for only a moment. 
NOW I can not.
They have intruded, trespassed.
I used to love the lounging lizards. I was overly concerned for them.

I went out to see the clouds and photograph. I examined the growing citrus and baby buds, the green rain loving artichoke plants and bright yellow daffodils.
Coming back in, there they were; a medium sized lizard (maybe last years) and a baby lizard scampering on my back porch and onto my house wall by my window, behind the wood irises, protected.
Maybe I'll see the lounging lizards again sun/light bathing under my lantern.
Oh, my. I thought they were gone, and now, NOT.

I know I scared them, just as they surprised me. Why me?
Only the other day I consciously felt a sigh of relief that the lizards were no longer my guests.
For a few months, I have not seen them.
There are also no more visiting cats, only cat poems from my pen.


Cute little lizard at my front door
(c) Joy Krauthammer

Five months to the day, and my little lizards are still here. I have such mixed feelings about them. Today I went outside to the front of house to move my big blue recycle bin to curb for garbage pick-up tomorrow. This time, looking on the watch-out, I carefully pushed the bin only a few inches. Sure enough, there he was, lying still underneath, now exposed. Still small, maybe three inches head to tail, fourth of the size of the adults who had lounged here. I was afraid he  was dead, but no, little lizard scampered away underneath the garage door which is what he does every time he sees me over there. 

Little lizared shocked me last week, and I let out a scream when I didn't expect to see him when I moved the same blue pail. No neighbors came running. Not a good sign. So after my scare, I thought I stepped on him by accident and that really upset me. Wheww, he ran under the garage door, but I didn't know if I had injured him. I still don't know. He looked a little squashed today. Maybe I'm imagining it.  In any event, I was relieved to see him today ALIVE.

I continue to see the back yard baby lizard also. Same size as front one. This back one likes to live under things on my porch. He too scampers when he sees me.

I wish the lizards were not here, because I have to make sure that I always keep the doors shut, and not open for an instant when going in and out. You may recall from my main story that the lizards love to enter and hide in my house and that makes me crazy when I find them unexpectedly, for instance when they are snuggled in my slipper.

BlesSings for serenity and no fear,
Little lizard on wheelchair ramp at my front door
I think this is the last photo of my lizards.
(c) Joy Krauthammer

11-11 and 11 pm EST

Well, it's about four months later, since original tale. I just got off my chair to look out the window at the back wall by the outside light. There is NO lounging lizard.

Today and a few days ago, a few times I saw the tiniest cute baby lizard, only a few inches including tail, scampering back and forth across my porch. He ran more when he knew I was near. This baby does not want to be caught.  Who is this little guy? How old is he? Is he a baby of one of the older lounging lizards that lived with me in the summer? Had I separated them? I never saw this baby. What's he doing in my back porch?

While baby was here, running across and disappearing under obstacles, I could see in the far distance at the other end of my garden on the cement, a creature scampering across the area. Was it one of my lizards, or another lizard, or ??? He ran fast. I never saw my lizards run. But that's because they liked me.

So the Tale of the Two Lizards continues. How did I know it was not yet over? I'll keep my door shut.



Legend of Lounging Lizards
living mostly on Joy's Porch

July 2009
by Joy Krauthammer

Larger Lounging Lizard Looks At Me
(c) Joy Krauthammer

I have a couple lounging alligator lizards* living with me lately. For how long and I didn't know it? Long slender guys in the porch who live there and I talk to them. I look them straight in the eye while I speak. They have small round black piercing eyes in their head. Some broader than others. They may cock their head while looking back at me. Occasionally, as a treat, I see a little tongue flip quickly out of the mouth.

I don't know if the smaller one is the female partner or a child. I think they know that I care about them.
One day when Leo, the elongated younger, was facing downward with his head behind the ping pong table which rests against my porch wall by my back large glass picture window doors, he did not see me, only heard the sound, and got scared and scampered quickly down out of sight. I hope he did not bump his tail, losing it in the fiasco. Lizard tails break off if bumped or grabbed.

I've been real upset this week that there was only one lizard that I could see. Last week I was away at spiritual retreat. I was truly heart broken all this week because I didn't see one guy on my porch and his partner was alone. We have other local creatures (coyotes, hawks, opossums, raccoons, cats, dogs, squirrels, snakes...) that eat what is smaller than them.

I don't know which concern was greater for me, missing or found. Yikes. Kinda like when your little child is missing in the department store and you frantically look, and then relieved to find them, but so upset with them for disappearing under the clothes.

I had an escapade, a great adventure at home. Oh, you would love yesterday's escapade:

When my local living in the porch foot long alligator lizard decided my bedroom at far end of house, was more lovely, especially in my soft slipper, which luckily I don't wear, he made himself at home.

A long lizard with a face, I saw, was in my bedroom curled around and in my soft slipper.

Oy vey, an intruder.

(With the thought of it, I now squirm in my bed. My dear humor loving daughter tells me it could have crawled under my pillow and/or into my ear...) ooo

Can you imagine the fear and shock I had the first time this ever happened to me? I thought I had an alligator in the house. A dragon. It was a monster. It was a grandfather, huge. Kind of like the "fish that got away." That was a few years ago, the first time. I was better the second time. I have no problem with them in their OWN environment.

Oy vey, I called my younger sister to rescue me and she did.

She must have heard me shrieking from surprise from miles away, and immediately took my fast phone call, "lizard alert, lizard alert", and jumped into her car in the depths of her condo's garage and came to me, letting herself into the house, while I stood guard in the bedroom. I didn't see where it had scampered.

Takes a while to shake out every skirt and top in case he is clinging. yuck.

When I was unable to capture "Leo" the lizard, and lost sight of him, I emptied my 1/3 of nearby purple clothes closet (used to be my husband's, z'l, small closet which I had made for him decades ago) thinking he might have slithered into the closet.

What a sister!!! What a lizard. I waited for my sister to catch him. Just as she showed up in my bedroom with a large shoe box, Leo was visible on the carpeted floor of the partially emptied closet.

This one lizard, my rescuer sister agrees, has a smaller head than the other two. I don't know. She has seen them here when I was showing them off as my pets.

Does this mean it is a third lizard? Faye gingerly, carefully boxed Leo (he wasn't any old spider or cricket) and I directed her to the back yard, past their lounging places, far to the very end at the slope where she relocated him. We left water for him.

Tonight as the sun was going to set, I looked at the usual resting and sunning spot at this time, and lo, there they were. Two of them. A little thinner one with a long tail at least six inches, length of his body, resting on the short tail of the larger one. He was so cute with his little head propped up on the other's tail. I took pictures. The bigger one had had a longer tail and this must be a new tail. It is lacking the strong bands of black scales and looks less reptilian. The bodies are another six inches and about the thickness of my thumb. They lounge quietly on the edge of the ping pong table which years ago, I had painted green. Now the table sits a few feet tall, unused, on its side. Maybe they thought they would camouflage into the table.

Half an hour later for the next half hour, both lizards were attached on the wall of the house, in the dark night, facing up towards the light bulb which is what they do every night at the same time, as it is dark. How do they do that? The lie there, feet and cute little hands outstretched, cocking their heads to one side or another, and face the light bulb. Sometimes the tails lie straight down, sometimes, curled around. Must be warm for their cool bodies. Their own sun spa. Lounging Lizards Spa of Joy.

I got to watch the big guy have his dinner, or rather appetizer. A little crawly creature on the wall. Tongue flip.

Once again, I was inches away, and tonight snapping a slew of lizard photos. Used up a new set of batteries. The little guys don't mind me at all. They must have been watching me forever and I never knew it.

* Southern Elgaria multicarinata Webbil

Next day.

Unusual, but I saw two lizards resting this morning, not just late afternoon, lounging lizards on edge of old ping pong table ledge, their favorite spa place.

A bit later, I saw one, I think the smaller one crossing on the cement porch floor. Because my feet were at his eye level, he didn't recognize me, and while I stood there with a metal sprinkler pole in my hand, Leo the lizard opened his mouth WIDE enough to chomp a finger, or a toe, letting me know he meant business and beware. And so it was. Red inside the mouth. Whew. I departed and I did not see him last night, nor today.

I must figure out what to do with them because I don't want them in my house.

Next day. Say a smaller than larger lizard.

I moved it with broom into long handled purple dust pan. I smoothly carried lizard to far end of garden and released into the slope of ice plants near where the first one had been dropped by my sister. Again, I added a basin of water. Felt a little guilty about separating family but my sanity is important. I keep thinking there could be a lizard again in the house. Three times is too much over the last few years.

Had this lizard been in house the entire time I was at Kallah???  yuck.

TODAY two lizards on porch cement....

Caught small one, thinner than large one with short tail, and moved him to back yard as I had other a day or two ago.

Large one wouldn't let me catch him. smarter, wiser ...

Wonder if the smaller one had returned here and that was him today.. he watched the world the whole time I carried him in dust pan with handle.

Or is there a third one??? or...

Last night I did not see any lizards on my wall as they they like to look towards the light.

I like the little long guys, but don't like my anxiety about them, and fearful that I could leave a door open if even an inch for a moment. I even taped the tear in the sliding door screen. 3X is too much. One time was too much.

postscript. Ahh, reporting now to another fellow woman lizard lover:

Another day. I really miss the little guys, my lounging lizards. Yesterday I saw the big guy go behind my gardening cabinet.

postscript again.  OK, a couple more times, each day the little guy was up on my wall sunning himself under the light bulb and although they make it harder for me now, I relocate them, hoping I don't hurt them on the back yard journey, hoping they don't fall off the dust pail.

It was sad for me. I missed them. I was careful to keep my screen door shut, just in case, and I still am careful.
~ ~ ~

Do you recall my duck visitors that lived in the spa? and my quail family? and ___? the Painted Lady butterflies?

Yes, I was attached to all of them.

Do these little guys have souls? from where?

Two Lizards on my back porch
(c) Joy Krauthammer  2009




Lizard Moved to Africa

The lizard literally lived in my garden
and took a trip to escape the hawks overhead.

Wizard Escaped Oz to Show Lions Their Courage
I visit my lounging lizard by hot air balloon.
Fun challenge to create this landscape collage in PhotoShop.
Joy Krauthammer ©

Serve G*d With Joy

"Ivdu Et HaShem B'Simcha"
Joy Krauthammer ©

Lizards now and then

Some now and then LIZARD shots.

Lizard near my porch
© Joy Krauthammer  April 2017 

Last week I saw a lizard doing a mating dance. 
His belly was pumping up and down for a couple minutes and another was nearby.
Lizards running back and forth across my back porch and by my garage in front and under the door.
I must concentrate on keeping my screen door closed.

Why does it look like another lizard's head facing me is near the tail?

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