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Baby Lizard

The baby lizard (body one inch long, tail one inch long) I've seen for first time in front by door is so small and fast I have not yet photographed it (especially because my newest Nikon is malfunctioning without a working "battery exhausted" indicator light, just like last Nikon). It's been hot outside around 100*, so I spray the hose water near the lizard in case it needs water. I do the same in back. In back porch I've also added a plate of water, having no idea if lizard drinks the water.

I hope that the lizard I relocated a month ago is not a parent...

Baby fast lizard sighting, also 1 inch in body by front door. 90* plus weather.
Caught a photo with my Panasonic Lumix with Leica lens.

Baby Lizard
© Joy Krauthammer 


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