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Cute little lizard at my front door
(c) Joy Krauthammer

Five months to the day, and my little lizards are still here. I have such mixed feelings about them. Today I went outside to the front of house to move my big blue recycle bin to curb for garbage pick-up tomorrow. This time, looking on the watch-out, I carefully pushed the bin only a few inches. Sure enough, there he was, lying still underneath, now exposed. Still small, maybe three inches head to tail, fourth of the size of the adults who had lounged here. I was afraid he  was dead, but no, little lizard scampered away underneath the garage door which is what he does every time he sees me over there. 

Little lizared shocked me last week, and I let out a scream when I didn't expect to see him when I moved the same blue pail. No neighbors came running. Not a good sign. So after my scare, I thought I stepped on him by accident and that really upset me. Wheww, he ran under the garage door, but I didn't know if I had injured him. I still don't know. He looked a little squashed today. Maybe I'm imagining it.  In any event, I was relieved to see him today ALIVE.

I continue to see the back yard baby lizard also. Same size as front one. This back one likes to live under things on my porch. He too scampers when he sees me.

I wish the lizards were not here, because I have to make sure that I always keep the doors shut, and not open for an instant when going in and out. You may recall from my main story that the lizards love to enter and hide in my house and that makes me crazy when I find them unexpectedly, for instance when they are snuggled in my slipper.

BlesSings for serenity and no fear,
Little lizard on wheelchair ramp at my front door
I think this is the last photo of my lizards.
(c) Joy Krauthammer


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